"My Pet Peavey" Tenor Uke by PEAVEY®

PEAVEY® "COMPOSER" Tenor Ukulele Review by Ukulele Ray

With major guitar manufacturer's like Fender® , Eddy Finn® and others making custom ukuleles gratis for world renowned uke artist and entertainer Ukulele Ray, the PEAVEY® "Composer" Tenor Uke is the first new ukulele, in more than 20-years, that Ray was so impressed with, that he actually purchased it (other than the hundreds of vintage ukes housed in his world-class collection and museum).

After playing and collecting 1000's of ukes over the years, Ukulele Ray bought this uke at APEX Music in San Diego for under $100 as a great knock-around uke to take with him to small venues, coffeehouses, get togethers, parties, celebrations and more. Ray boasts of the light-weight stylish look and design, bright crisp sound, amazing action, dual soundholes (top soundhole for outward projection with a top-side soundhole which acts as an acoustic monitor) that enhances the uke's true acoustic tones and output. Awesome ukulele for the price, measures up to higher priced ukes in quality and design. PEAVEY® has done an outstanding job bringing this uke to market.

A "MUST-HAVE" for your ukulele and gear collection. UKE-it UP!

Ukulele Ray performing around San Diego with his PEAVEY® Tenor Uke

Ukulele Ray playing a Sing-A-Long at Swami's Restaurant with PEAVEY® Uke

PEAVEY® "Composer" Tenor Uke Demo by Ukulele Ray at APEX Music in San Diego



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