Ibanez Paul Stanley "ICEMAN" Ukulele

Ukulele Ray's Story Behind "THE ICEMAN"... The Miracle Uke!

When I came home after spending a year-and-a-half in 4 hospitals, 3 skilled nursing facilities and escaping certain death in a hospice, my bestfriend, Fran Zafuto, sent me the Ibanez "ICEMAN" as a motivational gift to help get me through the many months of physical therapy to help make me walk again. When he gave it to me, he attached a note, which read:


Well, I took that with a grain of salt, keeping it by my bedside, and taking it where ever I went (incuding physical therapy). The doctor's and physical therapists had told me it could be up to 2 years before I could stand and walk again, and the nurses in the hospice told my girlfriend, that if I lived, I'd never be the same again.

Without even realizing how much Fran's note, to me, would become so very true, as after receiving "THE ICEMAN," my rehab accelerated by leaps and bounds. What was taking months, became weeks... and on Halloween (fully dressed as KISS legendary frontman Paul Stanley) the most amazing thing happened - I stood up from my wheelchair, performed on my ukulele, won 1st Place in the costume contest and left the club walking to the car... pushing my wheelchair.

I don't know if you believe in miracles or in the healing powers of the ukulele and music, but I for one, am a true believer after living through it's after-affects. There's true power in "THE ICEMAN!"

*NOTE: Fran pestered me for months to send him pix of me with "THE ICEMAN." I purposely held off so I could be Paul Stanley for Halloween and bombard him with a stream of pix and videos, posting each day and documenting his miracle gift. So, here's a collection of the pix and vids, including a duet with Michael Jackson look-a-like and Elvira; Winning Costume Contest; "THE ICEMAN COME'TH;" Standing & Walking for the 1st Time; and more:

Ukulele Ray Stands, Plays Uke & Walks for 1st Time in 2 Years

Ukulele Ray Turns Party from Drab to Fab with "THE ICEMAN"

Ukulele Ray Does Beatles as KISS Paul Stanley with "ICEMAN"

Ukulele Ray Duet with Michael Jackson & Elvira Halloween

ONLY on Halloween, will uke find, Ukulele Ray, as Paul Stanley; playing an Ibanez "ICEMAN" ukulele; doing songs from KISS to The Oak Ridge Boys; accompanied by Michael Jackson; serenading Elvira... with an Elvis finish, all in one funny video!

Ukulele Ray & "THE ICEMAN" Popping Up Everywhere Halloween! 

Ukulele Ray Halloween Hit at Huntington Beach Halloween Party

Ukulele Ray at Harrah's Southern California Resort

Ukulele Ray Wins 1st Place Halloween Costume at 5 Points Bar

Ukulele Ray as "UKE Skywalker"... May The Force Be With UKE!



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